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Each of the different tools will have information relevant to what is being shown on that page and eventually there will be short video tutorials to add insight in a given section.

Your feedback will help us improve our information. If you see a result or an explanation that does not make sense please let us know by email. Your identity will not be shared but your question may be addressed and answered here on the site to improve the overall visitor experience.

If you find that your competitors have an advantage over your website that you cannot address yourself, (say for instance website code, content or link building) we can either assist you or suggest some great resources to you.

Again, the goal here is to educate people in understanding what Search Optimization is, and is not, plus show by comparison why one website will beat another in a relevant search result. It is good to note that and are not affiliated with any search engine. We observe what are considered "best practices" for "natural" or "organic" search results which have nothing to do with paid advertising. A Search Engine is only as good as the results it provides users so Google and Bing zealously guard the elements that make up their respective search algorithms. is designed to help business websites succeed in ranking well in relevant search results by comparing what the websites that already rank well in those categories are doing to accomplish great results. It is not designed to be a "one-time" fix because competition on the internet is rarely stagnant. By visiting often and continuing to check and compare what category leaders are doing and working to change to meet that challenge, any website can improve search engine ranking.