About RankFixer

About RankFixer SEO Tools

This project grew out of years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and explaining what it involves. If a business needs to be convinced it needs a presence on the internet, chances are it's already too late. Like Yellow Pages, these are relics of the past, extinct but still walking around trying to be relevant in a world that has left them in the dust.

Most people older than thirty can remember a time when the phone book occupied a designated spot in the home. It was important, should there be a need to look up a product or service, the phone book was the first place we went. But now days in most households, nobody can even remember the last time they looked at it. We are in a new age. With the smart phone people started looking things up on the fly. These days if a business wants to be seen at all, it needs to have a website. But having a website is only the first step.

The tough part is getting that website to show up on the first page of relevant search results so when potential customers are looking that website gets found. RankFixer.com is designed to take the mystery out of Search Optimization. It can be used as a way to educate, compare competing webpages, or track progress of work being done to improve visibility.

Now more than ever, a tool set like RankFixer is vital to anyone trying to figure out why one website outranks another in search results. When Google changes its algorithm, these tools can identify the differences between the websites at the top of a particular vertical and the one that dropped to page ten.

The world of search marketing is always changing however some elements are going to remain constant. How a search engine views a particular website may evolve to some degree but certain aspects of on page optimization won't change.

How a webpage is connected to the rest of the world wide web is always going to be an important consideration as far as search engines are concerned. Just like the real world, an individual can do only so much to represent themselves, beyond that it depends on outside recommendations to be trusted.

A professional Search Engine Optimization team, would use these types of tools to analyze a website, and its competition to determine what work would be most effective in promoting good search results.

Search engines use a complex algorithm (math equation) that takes into consideration a lot of individual elements of information about a website to determine where or if it belongs in search results. That said, there is no magic bullet, no "One thing" that makes all the difference for every website. It is a combination of a lot of different factors.

RankFixer.com tools will help break down why one competitor is beating another and help identify the changes need to be made to overcome them.

If out ranking the competition in search is a long term business goal, RankFixer.com can be the arsenal to accomplish it. These tools are designed to be used over and over to achieve better search ranking goals and track progress.

If you find it useful, you can subscribe to our service and have unlimited access. If not, let us know how you think we could improve.