RankFixer|Meta Tags Explained

Meta Tags

Meta Tags or Meta Data are meant to assist in quick information regarding the contents. In relation to a book in a library, the card catalog would contain information regarding the author of the book, the title of the book, the subject of the book and so on. As it refers to use on the world wide web, a webpage may use Meta Tags to declare the page title, the keywords, a short description of its contents, as well as other information.

As it relates to what the tools here are designed to show the contents of the Meta Description of a webpage and highlight the occurrence of key words or terms that the website is attempting to be relevant to. Most search engines use this short description in the search results to assist a human visitor to decide which of the results best answers the search inquiry.

A well designed Meta Description will make sense to a human reading it, and contain the actual terms that it should be found relevant to. Unlike a dictionary definition, the webpage description is expected to use the words it should rank for in the text of the description.