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How To Use RankFixer

It's super easy to see how your website measures up against the competition.
Here's how it works.

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View Your Results Summary

Here you get an overview of where your site stands on 3 different metrics: Onsite Authority, Inbound Authority and Comprehensive Authority. Along side the other websites you entered, you will be able to easily see the overall strength and track your progress over time.

View Your Content Details

There are several "on-page" elements that search engines use to determine how or if a website fits in relevant search results. Simply stated, The websites that consistently beat yours in search results, do so because the search engines find those websites "more relevant" than yours. Paying attention to the elements that search engines use to evaluate your website will help you establish relevancy and value. This portion of the tool allows you to compare these factors with the competitor URLs you entered. Just scroll to the right to see them.

View & Compare Link Details

This section gives detailed information for "on site" and "inbound" links plus "anchor text" for your website as well as the other websites you entered. You can download this information into an Excel Spread sheet to use as you target link building. Done on a monthly basis, you can track progress with your competitors. Link research is only as good as the index you get you information from. Our index is over 9 Trillion links from more than half a Trillion URLs, updated every month. You always get the most complete, most accurate and most up to date information available.

What Does It All Mean?

Now that you can look at the data, you need to know how to interpret the information. Once you understand what it means you can determine a strategy for improving your search ranking based on facts rather than making changes and hoping it works. To learn how to Interpret the Data, click here.

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This tool site is designed to be easy and helpful. We want you to be able to use it again and again as you work toward the search ranking you want to achieve. You can register for free and use it to get a feel for how useful it is. Once you decide to sign up for full access there are no long term obligations and you can cancel anytime.

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